The Cooperating Underage Witness (CUW) program allows underage Delawareans the opportunity to help the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement enforce Delaware's Tobacco and Alcohol laws and keep alcoholic beverages and tobacco products from being sold to persons too young to buy them.

Studies have shown that some Delaware youth are trying tobacco products and alcohol while they are underage. This can lead to abuse of other substances and cause serious health problems. The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement is dedicated to enforcing Delaware's laws against sales to underaged persons. The CUW program is a great help.

Program Highlights

  • Compliance checks are conducted year round
  • Paid an hourly rate for hours worked
  • Work is scheduled based on your availability
  • Must be mature, honest and dependable

Additional Resources

If you are 17-20 years old, consider joining our CUW Program