The Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement is dedicated providing community outreach to our citizens. The agency has an officer assigned to help our community with alcohol and/or tobacco outreach needs. If any school, group or organization would like to invite our agency to speak, attend, or host a “town hall” style event please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please contact us at (302) 741-2721, or use our Speaker Request form, and we will try our best to accommodate you and your group.

DUI/Distracted Driving Simulator

The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement employs a realistic and life-like interactive Impaired Driving Simulator to demonstrate various driving scenarios, while impaired or distracted, and can present various levels of impairment while operating a motor vehicle. The Simulator also provides hands-on, experiential training for police officers without risk to people or equipment through practice scanning techniques, intersection clearing, and pursuit management scenarios.

The Simulator is available statewide throughout high schools, at community events, youth programs, and more. The Simulator is also available to establishments, that sell and/or serve alcohol, as an employee training tool to reinforce the risks associated with over-service and/or serving alcohol to those who are under 21 years old. The Impaired Driving Simulator is sponsored by Highmark Delaware and the Delaware Office of Highway Safety. Together, we believe this program will have a tremendous impact on underage drinking, impaired driving, driver safety, and the overall health of citizens in Delaware.

DUI Simulator