The Office of the Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner (OABCC) is headed by Commissioner, Jacqueline Paradee Mette. The Office grants/denies applications for liquor licenses, approves/disapproves requests for modifications to licensed establishments, performs inspections and grants renewals of liquor licenses.

The ABC Commissioner is also the Judge who hears violations against licensed liquor establishments that are forwarded by Agents from the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement. Violations are adjudicated by the ABC Commissioner during the administrative hearing process. The ABC Commissioner may impose sanctions and penalties against licensed liquor establishments that are found to be in violation of state laws and/or administrative rules related to the operation of the establishment. Penalties imposed by the ABC Commissioner can range from a reprimand, fine, suspension, or revocation of the liquor license.

Governor Carney State of Emergency Declaration
January 10, 2022

On January 10, 2022, Governor Carney signed a revision to the State of Emergency declaration, requiring Delawareans to wear masks in indoor public settings, including convenience stores, grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, taprooms, taverns, private clubs, hair salons, malls, and casinos.

The language requiring masks begins on page 5 of the Order (link is below). Section C.1.ii. defines a “business or space open to the public” to include: those spaces where the public has access; spaces open to employees, contractors, or volunteers; and includes common spaces, meeting rooms, hallways, and lobbies of businesses where people gather.

The revision requires that masks be worn in businesses or spaces open to the public, except when:

  1. patrons are seated at tables and eating or drinking;
  2. a person is in a private office where others outside that person’s household are not present;
  3. persons in an open plan or cubicle setting are seated and can maintain at least 6’ social distance from one another;
  4. and when outdoors. Individuals with a medical condition can request an accommodation

The mask requirement takes effect at noon on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Jacqueline Paradee Mette, Esq.
Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner